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1. Rosella Flash
Primary colours red, blue, yellow
of crimson & eastern rosellas (combining to form oranges greens and purples).
2. Seagreens
From bright blue-greens of sea
through to navy and olive.
3. Black Range Blues
Clear blue through to navy, mauve.
and greys of mountains
4. Tropical Surprise
Bright pink, mauve with blue and blue/green.
5. Capricornia
Plum, navy, blue green and deep mauve.
6. Desert Sunset
Apricot, tan, reds, mauve and plum.
7. Heatherlie Sandstone
Plum, navy, deep mauve with
tan and brown.
8. Forest Leaves
Yellow, mustard, bright orange,
tan and olive.
9. Blue Gum Greens
Deep greens with black and grey.
10. Golden Ochre
Orange, tan, red and mustard.
11. Ocean Blues
Turquoise, bright blues and
deep green.
12. Lily Pilly
Plum, deep mauve, purple
and brown.
13. Sarsparilla
Vibrant pinks, reds, purple and dark navy.
14. Lorikeet
Bright pink, turquoise and
lemon of rainbow lorikeets (combining to form vibrant greens, orange and purple).
15. Bush Flame
Bright and deep reds through to rich tans.
16. Granite
Soft blues and deep greens with a
touch of mauve.
17. Rainforest
Rich blue greens, olives to soft yellow greens.
18. Happy Wanderer
Bright blues through to rich royal purple.
19. Red Rock
Mixture of terracotta through
to salmon pink.
20. Pink Correa
Soft, bright and dusky pinks.